Vivian Stancil Olympian Foundation

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Be all you can be...Healthy, fit and Free...

Come and Help Vivian and other Senior Olympian's make it to Minneapolis Minnesota, we need funds for Air-flight, Hotel, and Car rental to the different venues... 

Join in making this endeavor a reality...

Dear Supporters,

The Vivian Stancil Olympian Foundation Inc. (VSOF) has been established to enrich the lives of Riverside residents here in this community and its sphere of influence. Through our programming and collaborations we have already seen many lives changed for the better.

VSOF continues to work to help make a difference in the lives of residents in our communities. Each and every person that we are fortunate enough to participate with bring us one step closer to our goals of providing resources and activities that will proactively impact the lives and improve the quality of life of all regardless of age, gender or social-economic status.

VSOF needs your help and participation to continually support quality services and greater opportunities for those that are in need of alternatives to some of the challenges that continually affect our children, at-risk youth, seasoned adult population and family units. 


Cynthia Rosedale Foundation